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Trailers of the Week: ‘Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary’, ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Launch Trailer, and a Promising New Indie Title


Welcome to Trailers of the Week, where we’ll look at launch trailers, reveal trailers and every other kind of trailer you can think of. So if you want to know more about the gorgeous looking Rain World or Mass Effect Andromeda’s Launch Trailer, then be sure to keep reading!

First up we’re going to be talking about the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Trailer, and to be honest, it’s a little disappointing. The video consists of a display of memorable moments from each main title of the hit RPG series. Whilst they are remastering Final Fantasy XII for release later in the year, it’s strange that Square Enix aren’t doing more for the very game that made them what they are today. To be fair to them, they did hold a big sale in February, so it’s not like they haven’t done anything for the event. The video would have benefited from having music from each game as it was displayed, but it was still nice to get something regardless of its shortcomings. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will release on July 11th for the PlayStation 4, just in case you want to get your hands on it.

Next up, Mass Effect Andromeda has come out with two trailers this week, one of which showed off some of the world’s we’ll get to visit in Bioware’s upcoming galactic RPG. The one we’re focusing on here though is the launch trailer, which is ramping up the hype people have for the game even more. One thing that can be said about the trailer is that it’s very cinematic, and it feels like you’re watching a trailer for a movie when it’s on. Normally this might be an issue as it doesn’t show anything off in terms of gameplay, but we’ve gotten a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda material recently.

 In terms of quality, this has got to be the pick of the week, Rain World’s launch trailer shows off a game that looks like a healthy mixture of Limbo and Ori. While the mechanics don’t look wholly unique or innovative, it’s one of those games that just seeps charm and makes you want to see more. In contrast to the aforementioned trailer, this one focuses entirely on gameplay with ambient music to go along with it. Coming on March 28th Rain World brings us another atmospheric platformer that some have been pining for.

 Finally, comes the official trailer for Bye-Bye BoxBoy, the third installment in a trilogy of puzzle platformers for the 3DS. From the developers of Kirby the game has you control Qbby, a bipedal box who uses other boxes to traverse the environment and stay out of danger. When you think about it that’s like somebody using dead humans to make a bridge, but let’s not dwell on that too much. Fans of the franchise will be able to continue their adventures with Qbby on March 23rd.

Other trailers that weren’t featured but are worth checking out include Persona 5 Sizzle – Most likely the final trailer we’ll get for the game’s English release on April 4th, Quake Champions Closed Beta Announcement and a new video showing off the upcoming No Man’s Sky Update. Can they ever make up for its poor release?

Feel free to let everyone here at GoombaStomp know your thoughts on the latest gaming videos and trailers.

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    Jiminy Christmas Mass Effect looks fantastic. Meanwhile I’m not even half done Zelda and Dark Souls III DLC comes out this month as well. 2017 is friggin stacked!

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