Video of the Day: The History of ‘F-Zero’

F-Zero was one of the original North American launch titles for the SNES. Set in the year 2560, the game revolves around a racing circuit known as F-Zero, which is financed by multi-billionaires who profit from human civilization’s expansion into the cosmos. Even after all these years, it remains remarkably impressive from a purely visual standpoint. Critics lauded F-Zero for its fast and challenging gameplay, a variety of tracks, and the Mode 7 rotational and scaling effects — which were relatively new back in 1990. Although the N64 sequel would add more racers and the ability to use a spin attack on your rivals, the SNES original set a standard for the racing genre and lay down the blueprint for Super Mario Kart, which would emerge from Nintendo’s labs not too long after. From the tight controls, perfect sound effects, fantastic music and the impeccable course design, F-Zero reinvigorated the genre and inspired the future creation of numerous racing games – not to mention, the game also introduced Captain Falcon/The Blue Falcon, Dr. Stuart/The Golden Fox, Pico/Wild Goose, and Samurai Goroh/Fire Stingray. With the recent release of Fast Racing NEO, a game that clearly takes inspiration from the F-Zero franchise, I thought it would be fun to share the following video featuring Smooth McGroove detailing the history behind Nintendo’s futuristic racing series. Enjoy!

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