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Warp Pipe, Ep. 1: ‘Final Fantasy VIII’

As you’ll no doubt be pleased to learn, Goomba Stomp has a brand new podcast called Warp Pipe! Warp Pipe will feature a bi-weekly deep dive into one lucky game, with the first episode focusing on Squaresoft’s follow up to the game that made RPGs cool, Final Fantasy VIII.

Join your jolly and whimsical hosts Mike and Mitch as they look into the behind the scenes development of Final Fantasy VIII, what inspired it, why it broke so heavily from its predecessor, and how well the changes worked. They’ll also delve into what they personally liked about the game, sharing personal experiences and opinions on it.

For all of this and more, turn into the very first episode of Warp Pipe!

Warp Pipe is also available on Google PlayiTunesStitcher and Podbean. Thanks to Aja for our artwork, you can find more of her work here. You can also follow the hosts on Twitter here and here.

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