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Yume Nikki: Dream Diary – New Project Gets Teaser Trailer and Countdown Site

Since the 2004 release of the surrealist RPG Maker horror title Yume Nikki, the game has become a well known cult classic. The intense imagery and dream wandering, as well as the distinct lack of dialogue or even coherent narrative elements, charmed its many players and even led to a light novel and manga series in 2013. And recently, just a day after the game’s free release on Steam, a mysterious teaser trailer and countdown site for what a post on the Yume Nikki Steam community page calls “the next YUME NIKKI PROJECT” popped up under the name Yume Nikki -Dream Diary-.

The full trailer runs for a trippy 8 and a half minutes, with strange visuals ranging from glowing fractals to static on a television. The audio ranges from distorted music to a young girl’s laughter and screams. A shorter trailer can be found here, which focuses in on the main imagery and cuts it down to just two minutes.

Details are scarce as of now, outside of the publisher and countdown. It’s even unclear as to if KIKIYAMA will be working on this project, and if it’s a sequel or something else entirely. However, on the countdown page as well as in the descriptions on the trailers there is a copyright for KIKIYAMA with the year 2018, so KIKIYAMA working on the project is quite promising. One thing that we can be fairly sure of is that the hikikomori (shut-in) Madotsuki whom the player controlled in the first game will be returning in some fashion as she is both featured on the countdown site and seemingly briefly in the teaser trailer itself.

Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- Madotsuki
What seems to be a brief silhouette of Madotsuki in the trailer.

Despite Yume Nikki translating to ‘dream diary,’ the project seems to be named Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- even in Japanese. The project, whatever it may be, will be published by PLAYISM, who also handled the Steam release, and presumably, more information will be released when the countdown hits zero.

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